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About Me

I have spent the past 38 years working with individuals with disabilities. My work requires a lot of patience and attention to detail and applying this to photography has enhanced my photos. Taking the time to plan and execute a photograph makes so much of a difference.

I received my first SLR, a Pentax K1000, from my mother for my 20th birthday and began my journey as a photographer. I bought myself an ME Super soon afterward and began to travel the United States photographing all along the way and learning with each picture taken.

I then entered that part of life where one spends most of your time photographing your children. After a ten year absence I returned to photographing landscapes and nature. I moved into the digital Pentax age with the purchase of my K10D. Pentax has provided me with such great adventures and the ability to share those adventures with the world.

Now my adventures are still being recorded with Pentax cameras.  I am pushing the boundaries of my knowledge with the camera and software to produce photographs I am very pleased with.  Being able to creative is a process of renewal in viewing the vast majesty of the world we all live in.